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Conserus Workflow Intelligence™

Don't Just Measure Quality. Achieve It.

We recognise that the imaging department needs tools that help drive quality initiatives and enable improved efficiency across facilities and multiple system environments. Conserus Workflow Intelligence™ offers a smart solution for driving quality in radiology.

Conserus Workflow Intelligence is a vendor-neutral, flexible workflow rules engine that bridges the gaps in communication by providing a comprehensive view of the enterprise imaging workflow. The solution helps to automate quality and regulatory workflows, from the clinician to the A&E consultant by automating manual processes, connecting disparate applications and helping to eliminate communication barriers.

Our advanced technology uses intelligent assignment and re-assignment of tasks, sophisticated prioritisation capabilities, integrated communication tools and escalations to ensure work is assigned, tasks are completed as efficiently as possible and the loop is closed.

See How Conserus Workflow Intelligence helps with Urgent & Unexpected finding, Peer Review and Discrepancy Management:

What Is Conserus Workflow Intelligence?

  • A vendor-neutral, flexible workflow rules engine that connects seamlessly to healthcare systems and helps consolidate quality tasks.
  • The rules engine allows each organisation to define their own workflow based on their business rules to enable automated, efficient and predictable processes across the enterprise.
  • It integrates with existing IT systems, offering a single solution to support multiple PACS integrations, and helps to manage a wide range of best practices, custom workflows and communication processes throughout the exam lifecycle.

Conserus Workflow Intelligence for Quality Workflows Helps Healthcare Organisations:

  • Provide a comprehensive view of the enterprise healthcare workflow
  • Automate workflows — from the clinician to the A&E consultant and more
  • Connect disparate applications
  • Eliminate interdepartmental communication barriers
  • Monitor process performance, provide analytics, sequence issues and delays
  • Alert staff to missed steps and workflow bottlenecks

Conserus Workflow Intelligence for Quality Workflows Includes:

  • Business Intelligence: comprehensive reporting, 360 degree search
  • Custom Workflows, such as: Request for patient medical images, stroke alert, OR review, order validation and appropriateness and more
  • Standard workflows, such as: MDT Meeting Management, Peer Review, Critical Test Results Management, Radiology A&E Discrepancy Tracking, Radiographer Review Solutions, Real-Time Consultation, Coding Discrepancy Management and more.

Watch the Video on Conserus Workflow Intelligence for Critical, Urgent & Unexpected Findings

Understand how Conserus Workflow Intelligence can automate Alerts for Critical, Urgent & Unexpected Findings.

Read the latest Opinion Article

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Read about Ireland’s success in driving forward Quality Improvement in Radiology nationally

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